A small sample of artifacts

Hello everyone! We thought it would be fun to give a closer look at the artifacts we’ve been working with at the museum of world culture in Gothenburg during the summer. These four are just a small sample of the artifacts you can find in the Santarém region, which has artifacts ranging from intricately decorated small figurines, ceramics, amulets made from semi-precious gemstones or larger figurines, some up to 68 cm in height, and some being up to 93 cm wide! More to come soon, surely!

The artifacts are from the Museum of World Culture.
Photographer: Kjell Denti Gunnarsson

Some pictures from the summer assistance at the museum of world culture in Gothenburg.


Welcome to our Student blog related to the Cultivated Wilderness Project. In this blog you will be able to follow us four students from the University of Gothenburg, Department of Historical Studies on our journey to Brazil and the Amazon. We are planning to write our Bachelor essays in archaeology in Brazil and will also visit the Cultivated Wilderness project and the archaeological excavations that the Project will perform.

Hopefully in all of the writing and studying that we will do there will be time for some relaxation and a chance to explore the culture.