Welcome to our Student blog related to the Cultivated Wilderness Project. In this blog you will be able to follow us students from the University of Gothenburg, Department of Historical Studies on our journey to Brazil and the Amazon.

During 2011 years trip we gathered knowledge which enabled us to write our Bachelor essays in archaeology about The Tapajós area in Brazil, with the aid of the Cultivated Wilderness Project. Our essays explored the relationships between archaeological sites situated near the Tapajós river (Santarém and Santarém Aldêa) and in-land locale Lavras. We also wrote about the settlement dynamique in the Amazonas region in Brazil, how the settlement may have looked like in terms of population numbers, and what archaeological evidence supports this. Links to these essays will be up soon.

The 2012 excavations will also be partially observed by us students, and the material in Santarém will provide a unique insight into the regions’ archaeological situation.


Kjell Denti Gunnarsson, Patrik Castillo, Liv Westring, Therese Törnkvist



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