Preparing for “Digital communication, Cultural Heritage and Postcolonialism”

Seems like we’re always posting pictures of us preparing for another conference or meeting, so here’s another one! We’ve been asked to hold a presentation for the conference “Digital communication, Cultural Heritage and Postcolonialism” here in Gothenburg about archaeology and social media. We’re writing about social media’s pro’s and con’s and we’re very much looking forward to the subsequent discussion after our presentation.



Hey everyone,

The SALSA conference ended some while ago and was very enjoyable. The paper we presented on the material analysis, 3D-models and the public efforts made for the Cultivated Wilderness Project was received well and we’re looking forwards toward finishing the papers for publication. As for the other future plans we will continue the work at the Museum of World Culture’s warehouse analyzing the ceramics and lithics. The progress will be updated here, but also on our instagram accounts (which contain more pictures from the Amazon and personal updates): and

2014-06-28 11.08.24

Our presentation

Working on a paper for SALSA


Kjell Denti Gunnarsson and Patrik Castillo are very busy pointing at screens for our upcoming paper deadline for the international anthropological conference SALSA. The paper will treat our work for the Cultivated Wilderness Project, how our analyctical work is performed and what it has resulted in so far. We will also present and discuss our public efforts for the project; our lectures, social media (this blog for instance), 3D-models and how the historical view of the Amazon has been like.