Photo of Per Stenborg
Per Stenborg, Project Director
Per Stenborg (PhD, University of Gothenburg) is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Historical Studies in Gothenburg. He has been involved in several research projects concerned with Latin American Archaeology and early History. In recent years his interests have increasingly come to include topics related to the developement of digital methods and procedures for documentation, analysis and communication of archaeological information.
Denise Schaan.
Denise Schaan completed a Master Program on Archaeology in 1996 in Brazil, and earned her Ph.D. degree at the University of Pittsburgh in 2004. In 2005, she joined the Faculty of the Department of Anthropology of the Federal State University of Pará, in northern Brazil, where, in 2010, together with other colleagues, created the first Four Field Anthropology Graduate Program in the country. Schaan has published 44 scientific articles and book chapters focusing on Amazonian archaeology, two monographic books and two collection of essays on the archaeology and ceramic iconography of the Marajoara culture, and two organized books on the Acrean geoglyphs. Her research interests include landscape archeology and GIS analysis, ceramic icongraphy, gender, and complex societies.
Márcio Amaral
Archaeologist in Santarém, Brazil. Márcio Amaral (FADESP) now runs the Archaeological Laboratory in Santarém, and also develop joint research projects in Rescue Site Porto Santarem, BR 163, BR 230. He has worked for eight years on the Lower Amazon Project as an assistant director in the field, in underwater expeditions at sites of possible Paleo-Indians occupationsin the Curuá the river, a tributary of the Xingu River basin. Currently his interest is directed towards social and cultural development of pre-colonial populations in the Lower Amazon.
Mats Söderström
Researcher at the Department of Soil and Environment at SLU (the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). In the project his focus is on digital soil mapping and the use of sensors and pedometrics.
Jan Eriksson
Associate professor at Department of Soil and Environment at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). His research interest is trace elements, especially cadmium in soils and crops. At present he is involved in projects about micro nutrient supply in organic farming, relationship between cadmium content and mineralogy in arable soils, and phytoremediation of trace metal polluted soils with willow. He is also responsible for a program monitoring chemical properties of Swedish agricultural soils. He teaches soil chemistry and pedology at graduate level. In Cultivated Wilderness his focus is the pedology part.


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